Virtigo - Compact virtualization cluster

Virtigo - Compact virtualization cluster

Virtigo is an innovative cluster for the virtualization of physical servers and workstations.

The system is composed by modules direcly interconnected together able to share and redound the informations stored inside each volume. If a module turns off other will take in charge its virtual machines.

Virtigo allows a powerful virtualization system with built-in SAN, solving the performance bottleneck and the single point of failure of NAS.

To improve even further the performances the volumes, VIRTIGO implements both SSD caching of first and second level, like high-end virtualization solutions. The advanced caching system allows great performances as well during heavy random I/O on the volumes.

Fields of application:

Feature and benefits:

The hardware configuration is scalable according to the customer needs.

Common configurations:

Modules Cores Ram (GB) SSD cache (GB) Available volume space (TB)
3 12 48 180 6
3 48 192 360 12
5 160 1280 2500 160

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