Galaxy - Datacenter virtualization cluster

Galaxy - Datacenter virtualization cluster

Galaxy is a cluster for large virtualization environment.

It is constituted by a high performance SAN, a modular virtualization unit and a NAS, all optimized to operate together with the best performance and reliability.

The task of the SAN is to handle the live images of the virtual machines, while the virtualization unit executes the virtual machines and the NAS stores the backup.

The SAN role is fundamental for the proper functioning of the virtualization environment. Is common knowledge that the storage is the most critical aspect of the virtualization, since it's really stressed by high load random I/O and usually becomes the bottleneck of the performance. The SAN built-in in Galaxy is designed to deal with intensive and continuous load.

Storage Area Network main features:

The virtual machines are performed by the virtualization unit, which consists in several modules optimized for the execution of virtual machines. These modules can have CPUs with high frequency but few cores or CPUs with low frequency and many cores, while they've always a considerable amount of memory. The correct sizing of modules is studied case by case, considering also that it's necessary to keep enough resources for the hot-swap of the virtual machines in case of power-off of a module.

Virtualization unit features:

Galaxy has one or more NAS, usually dedicated to backup. The NAS is relatively slow compared to the SAN, but allows to have a lot of space at a moderate cost.

Network Area Storage features:

The connection between the modules can be made with Gigabit or 10 Gigabit ethernet switch.

The hardware configuration is scalable according to the customer needs.

Common configurations:

SAN Modules Available SAN space (TB) Virtualization Modules Virtualization Cores Virtualization Ram (GB) NAS volume space (TB)
4 12 4 64 128 12
6 30 12 192 768 30

Galaxy installation requirements:

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