Develit was born from the experience of a group of programmers and network engineers who have combined their skills to give shape to a company which is highly specialized in the computer industry.

Our skills include object-oriented software implementation, primarily in C++, Java and Python, and the realization of distributed systems on the LAN and WAN, mainly using Open Source technology.

Our aim is to design best-performing and reliable systems at an affordable price for medium-sized business.

We develop complex systems can be easily customized, starting from solid and efficient technologies.

Our products are designed to be easily integrated into existing networks, to optimize the use of the existing infrastructure and improve the quality of services.

Our main focus is the development and improvement of our products, but occasionally we realize ad-hoc systems according with the customer specifications.

Our skills are very broad, and include substantially large part of the Linux world, projects management, object oriented programming, relational databases, FastCGI applications, device drivers, OpenGL, Qt and gtkmm, networking, industrial automation and much more. With few exceptions, we are not highly trained concerning the proprietary technologies on the market.

If you believe that our skills can be useful for your application, please contact us for an analysis of your needs, whether new development or a customization of our products.

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